Behind The Mismatch

Behind the scenes of Creative Mismatch is me, a twenty year old girl, with too many opinions, thoughts and ideas to keep inside my head. So instead, I will be putting my muddled up brain in to words and pictures in this blog. That will be everything from baking and books to poetry and politics. I have an instagram account of the things I bake and create @creativemismatch and twitter @creativmismatch where you may follow me if you so wish. Though do not feel as though you must.

Without creativity life is pretty dull. Creativity is what inspires and encourages people to make and do and there’s something much more special and satisfying about doing things yourself, rather than taking the easy option and buying – Even if your knitted baby jumper looks extremely abnormal, it was your hard work, love and frustration that went in to it. And home baking a sweet treat makes it just that little bit more delicious when you bite in to it and the end.

The other thing you will find on this blog is books and films (mainly films based on books I have read), because there’s simply nothing more wonderful than jumping in to a fictional world and losing yourself in the words written to create an imagination in our imaginations. Falling in love with characters that don’t exist and loving a place you’ve never lived in purely because somebody made it sound so beautiful you just wish that’s where you were, is fascinating. And I will be sharing my love of these fictional places with anyone who reads my blog.


Hope you enjoy this assorted blog. 🙂

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