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Just Human

Blame me for the wars, For the terror; for the fights, Accuse me of violence and bloodshed, Because of who I pray to at night. Humanity lives on a double standard, Hung on an illusion, The truth hidden behind lies … Continue reading

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The Unsolvable Riddle of Life (Words I Wrote Down on a Page at 3 am)

These are words I wrote down on a page at 3 am When sleep seemed like a distant, golden myth When, within the confides of these four walls Everything around me was small and I was infinite But beyond the … Continue reading

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The Light Inside You Stole

There was a light you took from me a long time ago. A light that was not yours to take. A light I needed. I’m here to take it back.  For years now, I’ve been in darkness, never being able … Continue reading

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