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Dear Me: Advice to my Younger Self

Silence is not strength. It is only a way to let your worries win. It does you no good to keep everything bottled up. You’ll realise that one day. But wouldn’t it be better to realise that now? Crying is … Continue reading

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Just Human

Blame me for the wars, For the terror; for the fights, Accuse me of violence and bloodshed, Because of who I pray to at night. Humanity lives on a double standard, Hung on an illusion, The truth hidden behind lies … Continue reading

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The Unsolvable Riddle of Life (Words I Wrote Down on a Page at 3 am)

These are words I wrote down on a page at 3 am When sleep seemed like a distant, golden myth When, within the confides of these four walls Everything around me was small and I was infinite But beyond the … Continue reading

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The Light Inside You Stole

There was a light you took from me a long time ago. A light that was not yours to take. A light I needed. I’m here to take it back.  For years now, I’ve been in darkness, never being able … Continue reading

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