The Hypocrite at Number 10

“He has no democratic mandate. He has a reputation tainted by the failures after a decade in office. And he has no new ideas. An early election? Bring it on.”
These were words spoken by our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, in 2007 when Tony Blair stepped down and handed over to the former chancellor, Gordon Brown. 
Today, after the support of 199 Conservative MPs, Theresa May became the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. To put that into perspective, that is 0.0004% of the UK population. 
This is a person who has voted for devastating air strikes in Syria, voted for the destructive, damaging and misleading war against Iraq, and has, on a number of occasions, spoken out against basic human rights. She has openly declared her opposition of the European Convention of Human Rights which holds each participating country to account on the rights and freedoms of their people. This is a person who has failed to speak up for ordinary working people, who has not been democratically elected and will further worsen the apathy and disengagement of the UK people. And to top it all off, one of her first acts as the new PM was to appoint Boris Johnston as the foreign secretary. 
She has no democratic mandate. She has a reputation tainted after years of failure in office and she has detrimental and calamitous ideas. An early General Election? Bring it on! 

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