The Note-Worthy North: Roundhay Tropical World

The North of England is generally underrated. Tourism is attracted to the big cities down in the South, and the North is left, with its beautiful treasures, without any credit. Through out these Note-Worthy North posts I will be taking you through some of the most…well note=-worthy,  beautiful parts of this country, and they can all be found on the right side of the Pennines!

To kick start this new section is one of my favourite places ever, Tropical World. Roundhay Tropical World is situated in a garden, that is within a park. The garden is beau1tiful with its fragrant flowers and tall willowing trees, and mini fountains on a little pond stream. The park is yards upon yards of gorgeous green fields, with little playgrounds and play areas where children can enjoy themselves whole heartedly. But the very best part, without any doubt is the little animal sanctuary that holds some of the most beautiful animals and insects from the Tropic.

Upon entering Tropical World you are met with a gush of hot, humid air, mimicking temperatures of the native countries of the creatures that reside there, and also, butterflies. There are caterpillars, cocoons, and butterflies of many varieties and colour, flying around you.

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They can, and often do land upon you as you enter their little world. As you walk around 5you are greeted by tropical birds, tortoises, lizards, snakes, crocodiles, but perhaps the most popular animals by far, the Meerkats! Who, are every bit as full of character and cheek as the ones you find on Compare the Market.

This one even jumped onto a rock and posed for me.


Tropical World is a place people of all ages can enjoy. The animals are lively, animated, and literally close enough to touch. It’s a beautiful place to sit and have a picnic, enjoy the animals, and then finish off the day by taking a lovely, afternoon stroll through the park.

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