One Of Those ‘Sorry For My Lack Of Blogs’ Post

It has been a while since I wrote anything or updated my blog, unless you count my quick post election rant, which I felt was completely justified, given the shock of the results. I wish I had some amazing excuse for why I haven’t had the time to write, but honestly, after finishing University, I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything structured, or really anything at all. But writing is one of my greatest loves, and like all great loves, I find I keep coming back to it each time with a renewed passion. Even now as I write these words, meaningless as they may be, I feel a little bit more peaceful. Now, after my writing break, I feel like I have a few more things to offer, that will hopefully manifest themselves into blog posts over the coming months.

First of all, with my brothers wedding coming up soon, I’ve found myself feeling extremely creative, and offered to make many things, that could of course be bought, but I thought would add a lovely personal touch to the wedding if I made them myself, so there will certainly be some arts and crafts related posts. Secondly, I have no where to be for the next 2 months, which gives me plenty of time to experiment with baking and cooking and with my camera, so expect some new recipes, and photos of the great outdoors. And finally, I start my Secondary Teaching Course for teaching GCSE and A Level English in September, so I will be reading plenty, which I’m sure will make me want to write reviews, or even give me ideas for my own original writing.

Basically, what I’m saying is, stay tuned. There will be more to follow.

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