In the Spirit of Mother’s Day

In the Spirit of Mother’s Day

f015aadfb3950e3f1bde4ea8eed9717eYou are my best friend. Even when I didn’t know that the people I called friends were just enemies disguised by smiles and friendly fire, it was you who I came to. It was always you, at the end of the day that would talk to me and tell me, maybe not what I wanted to hear, but what you thought was best for me. That’s the difference between ‘friends’ and the people who really love you. They’ll always do right by you, even if it doesn’t start with happiness. You took my hand from the very first day that I came in to this world, and you never let go. No matter what life threw at us, you were always there, pulling me through the storm.

John Steinbeck wrote in East of Eden that perhaps it takes courage to raise children. It’s true. It is a matter of nature to become a biological mother, but it takes so much more to raise a child. To give your life and soul and your dedication to growing a life, and trusting that you did enough to ensure that child will become a good, moral and happy adult for the rest of their days.

I remember being six years old and looking up at you and thinking, that’s who I want to be. I would dress like you; try to act like you.  As I got older I realised that it was your strength, your dependability, the goodness of your heart, always doing right, even if it was the tougher road that I was sensing when I was just a child. Dumbledore said we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy. And you never did what was easy. You would sacrifice everything, your sleep, your time, your energy. Whatever it took to make sure I was okay.

I remember being thirteen and not understanding how people could be so mean. I remember being fifteen and thinking that I needed the people who hurt me. I remember being eighteen and thinking I would never be okay. But through it all I remember you. Even when nothing seemed to be working, you tried and persevered. Through it all, you never gave up on me. Things have been hard for us. I know there were times when we would rather just pretend life wasn’t happening. But the thing about me and you is that we’re a team. It’s us against the world. Together, we are invincible.

You’ve never even needed a title. Mum, sister, friend. Therapist. You are everything, without me ever having to ask. Now, I see people come and go. Those who I thought would be beside me forever, left. But no matter what happens, no matter what situation, no matter how difficult I know you’ll always be the one next to me. And you are all I need. My role model. My inspiration. My motivation. You lead your life as an example. The truth is, if I become half the woman you are, I’ll have done a good job. Even when we disagree and we get upset, I look at you and thank God, because out of all the things I have, the biggest blessing He showered upon me is having you as my mother.

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