Just Human

Blame me for the wars,

For the terror; for the fights,

Accuse me of violence and bloodshed,

Because of who I pray to at night.

Humanity lives on a double standard,

Hung on an illusion,

The truth hidden behind lies and hypocrisy,

‘Equality’ and ‘Freedom’ are nothing but

Prejudice and oppression,

An obsession

To find someone to take the fall.

Shoot me down,

Spread hatred, misanthropy, poison their minds,

With the phobias and chaos you wreak,

You have the whole world blind.

This is what it comes down to,

My worth, my status,

Determined by religion and the colour of my skin,

All we want is peace,

What we have is a decrease,

In trust,

In tolerance,

In love,

If we all fear each other we forget to mistrust you,

When you’re surrounding innocent children,

With your bombs and your guns and your weapons,

You tell the world they’re evil and no good,

While they’re surrounded by the bodies of their dead parents,

Who you shot down just because you could.

You could make the whole world bulletproof if you lay down your guns,

Take off your masks and your uniforms,

Put down your flags,

And see me for who I am.

Not black.

Not brown.

Not white.

Just Human.

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1 Response to Just Human

  1. fantasia says:

    Very good poem- you said it well!

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