Beautiful Baby Blazer (…and Knitting Pattern)

If, like me, you live in England, or any other relatively cold country, you’ll know that baby blazer 1jackets, jumpers and cardigans are essential all year round. You never know when the beautiful sun will turn in to a gusty wind, and you need an extra layer to keep warm. If you’re a parent, you’ll know it’s even more important to keep your little one protected from the cold. With a close family member pregnant, and soon moving to Scotland, I decided I wanted to knit something warm and cosy for her beautiful baby. This baby jacket is perfect. It’s knitted in garter stitch which means that it is chunky and has a lovely thick texture and because the bottom is knitted in one piece, it mean you have a beautiful seamless side.

As I’ve mentioned before on an earlier knitting pattern, there is great satisfaction in making your own gifts, and knitting especially because everyone appreciates how much time and effort goes in to it.

This jacket is fairly simple, so if you’re a beginner you could certainly give this one a go. The neck band is slightly trickier, but some perseverance will get it done.  I also added a little knitted flower to this jacket to give it a little more character, and made a matching head band to make a gift set.

baby blazer 2Tension: 

17 sts and 31 rows to 10 cm over g st on 5 mm needles


To fit a child age 1 (2: 3) years old


  • Yarn A: 200g of your main colour choice. ( I have used StyleCraft Special Chunky in Raspberry)
  • Yarn B: 50 g of your secondary colour choice. ( I have used StyleCraft Special Chunky in Fondant)
  • 1 x 4mm needles
  • 1 x 5mm needles
  • Blunt ended needle
  • 3 x stitch holders
  • 3 x 22mm buttons
  • Sewing thread to match yarn.

How to Make:

Back and Front (in one piece):

  • Cast on 134 (142: 149) sts in Yarn A with 5mm needles.
  • Row 1: (WS) K to end
  • Row 2: K to end
  • Repeat row 2 ( knit each row) until work measures 13 ( 15: 17) cm, ending after a RS row.
  • Next row: K 4 ( 4: 4), [ K2tog, K3] x 26 ( 28: 29). (108 (114: 120) sts remaining).

Divide for Armholes:

  • Next row: (RS) K25 (26: 28), then transfer these sts for Right Front to a stitch holder, cast off 7 (8: 8), k43 (45: 47) and transfer these to another stitch holder for the Back, cast off next 7 ( 8: 8) sts and K to end.

Left Front:

  • Continue in g st on these 25 (26: 28) sts until work measures 23 (25: 28) cm from cast on row, ending at the front edge.

Shape Neck:

  • Cast of 6sts at beginning of next 1 (  2: 3) alt rows and 1 st at beginning of next 5 (4: 3) alt rows.  (12 (12: 13) sts remaining).
  • Continue in g st until work measures 28 (31: 34) cm from cast on row, ending on armhole edge.
  • Cast off.

Right Front:

  • Rejoin yarn to armhole edge of sts on stitch holder and complete the instructions for Left Front, but reversing the shaping.


  • Rejoin yarn to sts on stitch holder and continue to work in g st until work measures 27 ( 30: 33) cm from cast on row, ending with RS facing.

Shape Neck:

  • Next row: (RS) K13 (13: 14) and transfer these sts to a stitch holder, cast off 18 ( 20: 22), K to end.
  • Next row: Working on 13 (13: 14) sts for Left Back, K11  (11: 12), K2tog. (12 (12:13) sts remaining),
  • Next row: K
  • Cast off
  • Rejoin yarn to neck edge of sts for Right Back, K2tog, K to end (12 (12: 13) sts remaining.
  • Next row: K
  • Cast off.

Sleeves (Make 2):

  • Cast on 39 (41: 43) sts in Yarn B using 4mm needles.
  • Row 1: (WS) K
  • Row 2: K
  • Row 3: K
  • Change to 5mm needles and Yarn A, working in g st, inc 1 st at each end of every 8th row x 4 (5:5) (47 (51: 53) sts)
  • Continue in g st without further shaping until work measures 19 (21: 23) cm from cast on row.
  • Cast off

Button Loops (Make 3):

  • Cast on 18 sts in Yarn B with 4mm needles
  • Cast off

Making Up and Neck Band:

  • Join shoulder seams.
  • with RS facing with 4mm needles and Yarn B, start at the Right Front edge, miss the first 3 sts then pick up and K 4 sts on cast off edge, 15 sts up neck edge, 4sts down Right Back edge, 18 (20: 20) sts from cast off edge at center back neck, 4sts up left back edge, 15 sts down front neck edge, and 4 sts on cast off edge at front neck. (64 (66:66 sts).
  • Work 10 (12:12) rows in g st.
  • Cast off loosely
  • Fold Neck Band to inside and slip stitch edge of Neck Band to inside edge of neck opening.
  • Join sleeve seams starting at cuff and stopping around 3.5 cm from top.
  • Join sleeves to armholes, and sew down open edge of sleeve seam.
  • Stitch two short ends of each button loop to one front edge of jacket, and stitch buttons to opposite side, about 4-5 cm from the edge.


  • For a girl place the button loops on the right.
  • For a boy place the button loops on the left.
  • Choose buttons that compliment your yarn choices.
  • This knitting pattern has been adapted from DK baby and toddler knits – I made changes depending on what worked and what didn’t and added some variations for  a more personal touch.
  • Using a cable cast on method works best for this knit because it gives a firmer edge to the jacket.
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