The Unsolvable Riddle of Life (Words I Wrote Down on a Page at 3 am)

These are words I wrote down on a page at 3 am

When sleep seemed like a distant, golden myth

When, within the confides of these four walls

Everything around me was small and I was infinite

But beyond the glass everything was infinite

And I was small

When I was simultaneously a spec of dust on the greater landscape of life

And the central image on the portrait of being

When the stars seemed to shine, only for my eyes

And the moon was bright as headlights

When for one single moment everything was still

Frozen in one instant of solidarity

Before the rush of the howling winds

The city lights clouding the natural beauty of the skies

When panic roared in my chest and the frantic mind

Worries about the past, the present

The future.

When it was dark and light seemed to have vanished

When I could not imagine 2 weeks, or 2 years

2 decades, I have been alive

I have not achieved

I have not created

I have both lived and not.

Who am I?

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